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What a beautiful meeting! We could not have imagined being better accompanied on this very special and emotional adventure. Jo-anie was unparalleled in generosity and benevolence.


Deeply human and sensitive in addition to being ultra competent and proactive ... what more could you ask for !! What she brought us far exceeded our expectations. Thank you from the heart!

- Testimony of a new mother accompanied by Joa Doula

Birth keeper and perinatal massage therapist

Joa Doula | Accompanist, massage therapist and thalasso bath practitioner


Pregnancy, birth, postpartum, breastfeeding, miscariage, abortion, bereavement

Personalized services

caring approach adapted to your rhythm, availability, presence, consultation, home service

Treatments and massages

prenatal and postnatal pregnant woman massage, baby massage, rebozo treatment and ritual, la serrada


First of all, you should know that a doula is a companion at birth . (It's just less time to write!). A doula is also  very different from a midwife.


Your doula is your ally, your friend, your sister  !


She is not only present for the woman who is going to give birth, but also for the partner and the family. It's like a little fairy who makes sure that everything goes as smoothly and as well as possible, according to your desires and the choices you are going to make in all conscience.


Although it does not give any medical advice , a doula is also a dictionary, an encyclopedia of knowledge, tips and advice. In short, it is an excellent alternative to Dr. Google and all the Facebook groups that make anyone who ventures there anxious. Of course, she has a lot of knowledge and techniques and she, like her, regularly follows training courses to stay informed and be able to offer a multitude of options, she can offer you invaluable help in addition to your care team.

Its most important mission is to offer personalized support and to accompany you in making  informed choices.  Good preparation allows for a more confident adventure.  

Having your doula is making sure to be listened to gently, without judgments, through all the stages and above all, it encourages you to be in its full power.


It grows in you no matter what situation you find yourself in. She is there without judgment and she listens to you with all her kindness.

A doula is an EXTRA in your incredible and great life adventure! 

Qu'est-ce qu'une doula ?
Morning Mist sur la forêt


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Quebec City and Chaudière-Appalaches region  |  Phone: (418) 997-9937

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