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Relaxation and therapeutic massage

Massage for pregnant women _ Photo credit Maude Demers

Although particularly recommended for women during all stages of motherhood (fertility process, pregnancy, postpartum, termination of pregnancy and abortion), massage therapy care is also beneficial for all members of the family. stages of life.


With her global approach, the massage therapist works in complementarity with all health professionals. The techniques  specific are always accompanied by an intention of relaxation. Massage therapy brings a multitude of benefits for the body and the mind.

Whether in one or more sessions, massage therapy can help you feel more comfortable and comfortable in your body.

Do not hesitate to discuss with your massage therapist if you have a particular condition.

Types of massage

Although massage therapy sessions combine different types of massages, here is a presentation of the approaches with which I practice.

Pregnant woman massage


Swedish massage is a dynamic technique focused on the muscles and joints, promoting blood circulation. Versatile, it tones, relaxes and relieves stress, suitable for both relaxation and therapeutic purposes. Sessions take place on a table or chair, with a variety of maneuvers personalized to meet the client's needs, starting gently and ending in relaxation.

Quebec massage


Lomi-lomi massage, originally from Hawaii, offers a deeply relaxing experience, inspired by nature and Hawaiian culture. Primarily using the forearms to mimic the flow of waves, it promotes blood circulation, relieves muscle tension and calms the mind. The sessions alternate between stretching, kneading and acupressure, with hot oil and sometimes Hawaiian music in the background, offering a real moment of escape.

Massage therapy for pregnant women

Thai on table

Thai massage, a real dance between therapist and client, combines precise pressure on points of the body with stretching to improve joint flexibility. Practiced regularly, it promotes mobility, relieves musculo-joint pain and reduces stress, thus offering a better quality of life.

Rebozo massage


The Rebozo Treatment is a relaxation practice aimed at relieving the joint pain of young mothers after childbirth. During pregnancy and until birth, the body undergoes significant changes, impacting mother and baby. Whether the birth is natural or by cesarean section, the arrival of the baby can affect the joints, particularly those of the pelvis. Rebozo Treatment sessions, carried out by certified practitioners, offer a relaxing massage with two or four hands, promoting post-partum recovery and relieving muscle pain.

ENELPH treatment

ENELPH treatment

The Enelph Method is an energetic rebalancing approach that promotes the exploration of our inner space of tranquility. It combines the transmission of healing energy with gentle body manipulations, centered on the back, in a personalized way and without rough handling. These treatments act deeply and quickly, affecting all aspects of the being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, thus allowing the body to stimulate its self-healing potential. Enelph represents a precious tool for spreading Peace and Love, particularly adapted to our current vibrational transition.

Metamorphic massage


Metamorphic massage revolutionizes therapy by using the reflex zones of the spine to harmonize the beginnings of life. Guided by a deep love of human beings and the desire for natural healing, this method releases vital energy and promotes self-healing. Sessions involve light manipulation of the feet, hands and head, following the prenatal pattern and touching the major chakras. Suitable for all ages, it soothes the nervous system and allows conscious exploration of early life, thus offering freedom of expression of the life path.

A gentle and competent person ready to adapt to your needs!  I suffer from severe osteoarthritis and Jo-anie was able to accommodate me during this metamorphic massage therapy session.  She is fully present and has a humanistic and singular understanding of her own. I sincerely offer it to you.  I learned a lot about my body (physical and spiritual) just in one meeting! To discover! - I.

Excellent massage today. Joanie you really have a very good touch and a very appreciated technique. My belly and I say a big thank you.  

Look forward to the next one. - S.

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