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About me

Profile photo_Joa Doula | Accompanist, massage therapist and thalasso bath practitioner

It all started in 2006, one day in February ...


Half asleep, lying on the floor of a delivery room. That day, I was awaiting the imminent birth of my little brother and I had no idea at the time that I would make birth support a life mission.

Everything then happened naturally. A friend asked me to accompany her for the birth of her twins, then another and yet another ...

My presence and my support offered

the comfort , the trust and the sweetness

that they needed.

This is how I really felt where I belonged, that is to say, with the woman. I always knew that the world of births vibrated in a particular way in me, At that time, as doulas were not known and I could only dream of one day making a profession of it.


Until the day when, during a long trip, I heard for the first time about the job of birth attendant and I promised myself that when the time was right, I would accompany women when they would give birth.


Thus, after several trips, I came back to the country and I did the training that transformed me forever. I knew that deep in my soul I carried the essence of a doula.

I realized that with my warm presence and my sweetness,

I could provide women with much more than accompaniment and I trained to become a massage therapist.


Today, I am a companion and massage therapist specializing in perinatal care, I love my job! With my immense thirst for learning, I am constantly learning and training myself in order to offer parents and future parents services that are more suited to their needs by supporting them as best I can in their highly transformative process. , that of adult to parents.

I am very grateful for the life and the people I have crossed and still meet day after day. Each meeting makes me realize how much the job of doula makes a big difference in this complex world of childbirth and birth.

It is with all my benevolence and my unshakeable confidence that I accompany you and that I support you in this so grandiose universe of perinatal care.

Thank you for your trust,

Joa your Doula

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