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The baby thalassotherapy

The baby thalasso is a treatment for all newborns. A moment of sweetness that reminds him the sweet universe of mom's warm belly.

It's a moment  magical for all the family ! 

The benefits of baby thalassotherapy

When is the best time to book? 

The ideal age for baby's thalasso bath is between 4 and 21 days of life or according to the equivalent corrected age.  

You can book in the week before the birth or in the days following it. If necessary, we will simply move the appointment ♡

Baby Noa Thalassotherapy

We would like to thank you for your kind words towards us. It's super nice and it feels good to be reassured about his role as a parent. We appreciated your calm and your kindness that you have for the three of us. Thank you for everything

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